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Scott Shreeve, MD

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I'm the CEO of Crossover Health, a patient-centered, membership-based medical group that is redesigning the practice, delivery, and experience of health care. We offer urgent, primary, and online care to our members who can access our technology platform, practice model, and provider network from anywhere and anytime to optimize their health. Email Me



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I am a huge fan of personal sovereignty – the ability to be an agent acting with intention to accomplish your own personal objectives. Individual Sovereignty works best within a society that values personal responsibility, honors work, rewards creativity, encourages excellences, and is based on an equality of opportunity. Below are some readings and topics that inspire me.


Personal freedom begins with economic freedom. The ability to own property, including your intellectual property, is a required foundation for sovereignty. The ability to control your mind and muscle to create value in the marketplace of ideas, and preserve that wealth over time independent of government or third party intervention is vital. The new monetary framework made possible via Bitcoin creates a new world of opportunity and possibilities. Here are some of my favorite authors, speakers, writers, bloggers, and influencers in the space.

Saifedean Ammous | Twitter Lebanese professor with hard core Austrian Economic views. Author of the Bitcoin Standard which is considered the foundational text for Bitcoin.

Robert Breedlove | Twitter
CEO of Parallax Ventures, self described freedom maximalist, and impassioned author of the following:

Andreas Antonopolous | Twitter
One of the earliest global advocates for Bitcoin and the Open Blockchain. Strong advocate, educator, author, and global influencer.

Michael Saylor | Twitter
CEO of MicroStrategy and first public company to move their treasure to a Bitcoin Standard.

Parker Lewis | Twitter
Head of Business Development at Unchained Capital. Author of the “Gradually, then Suddenly” and “Bitcoin is…” series.

Plan B | Twitter
Dutch institutional investor with a legal and quantitative finance background. Creator of “Stock to Flow” Models

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My mind is responsibly educated with truth, light, and freedom.

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