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Healthcare Pioneer: EHR Vendors start their outreach

Pioneer (ə-nîr’) adj.

  1. Of, relating to, or characteristic of early settlers
  2. Leading the way; trailblazing

When I worked shifts in the ER, I was trained and learned to be weary of people who were overly complimentary or attempted to become too familiar. It is a personality defect seen in those with borderline personality and often in drug seeking behavior. The appeal to the ego can provide a tug into the deep waters, but that natural hesitancy and wariness kept me in the safe shallows more than once. The often innovative ways these people appeal to the ego is almost as interesting as the sudden shift into the vicious when you don’t give them what they want.

So it is with that familiar wariness in which I review alot of incoming email I have been receiving as of late. The traditional EHR vendors are getting more and more innovative with their marketing approach. Take note of the interesting email from a company that I actually respect for a solid product – Greenway Technologies (see below). I evaluated them very thoroughly in late 2008 and noted that they have a very solid, traditional  system specifically tuned to the current quagmire in which physicians practice. They have a decent EMR, decent practice management, solid PHR, and an interesting twist on population management with their clinical research (glorified registry) functionality.

However, I couldn’t pull the trigger on them because they were tuned for the traditional. I didn’t see that they were leveraging the concept of the network, or their EHR as a platform, or that their UI technology was fluid or as modern as I wanted. I didn’t get a sense for the flexibility and freedom found in the notion of clinical groupware. And finally, I didn’t get the sense that they were going to take me to the next level. Please – don’t get me wrong,or  attempt to outKLAS me, or bang on their numbers which are impressive. They are a solid player who will do well – but it wasn’t for me or the network of primary care clinics that I am wanting to build.

Needless to say, I found their marketing approach to be quite pioneering:

Healthcare Pioneer,

You are probably wondering how you became designated as a Healthcare Pioneer by Greenway.  We define such an influencer as an organization or individual who is involved in leading the development of the Health IT community, implementing EHR’s at the point of care and optimizing the opportunity at hand presented to us by The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009/specifically the HITECH Act.  We polled our employee base and asked: “Who in your respective region/professional arena do you hold in high regards and value as it relates to our mutual $45+ Billion market place?” You were nominated for your leadership and dedication to creating the most efficient and effective healthcare transformation through Health IT.  As we grow our network of influential leaders, and jointly capitalize on the media driving our Health IT sector, we extend a gratuitous “Thank You” to you for being a part of our success.

In an effort to provide continued educational awareness, as well as provide mutually beneficial opportunities, we will begin disseminating periodic, customized Corporate Communications outlining current Industry news, industry achievements & milestones, Webinars, as well as pertinent Health IT Transformation and Healthcare Reform activity from Capitol Hill.

Did You Know?

  • 27,000 Healthcare Providers and Professionals call upon Greenway’s integrated EHR, Practice Management, Interoperability and Clinical Research solution everyday … denoted by the name PrimeSuite®.
  • 315 plus dedicated Greenway employees have driven over 30% annual revenue growth the past 3 years consecutively.
  • Over 19 Million Electronic Records are managed comprehensively and efficiently throughout 49 states (and the Nation’s Capitol) by highly satisfied Greenway customers.
  • Over 1,375 unique interfaces from 115 plus 3rd party vendor participants find themselves internally managed via Greenway’s PrimeExchange® interoperability engine producing hundreds of thousands of transactions monthly and creating a simplistic workflow for our thousands of customers.
  • Best in KLAS, our industry’s “Consumer Reports”, has ranked Greenway Best in KLAS three consecutive years in a row.  In 2008 Greenway was awarded Best in KLAS in 3 categories, including 2-5 Ambulatory EMR, 6-25 Ambulatory EMR and 2-5 Practice Management, making Greenway the only Ambulatory-focused organization to receive multiple Best in KLAS awards in 2008.
  • Greenway is a leading national speaker on how the current EHR “meaningful use” and Certification criteria are evolving. We have testified and/ or addressed Congress as well as both Presidential Administrations on twelve occasions regarding Health IT.

To Learn More:

Without question, there are some remarkable, opportunistic and exciting times before us and
Partnering with you will continue to be a Privilege. Thank you again for thinking Greenway!

Call today at 866.242.3805 or email us at

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