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Scott Shreeve, MD

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I'm the CEO of Crossover Health, a patient-centered, membership-based medical group that is redesigning the practice, delivery, and experience of health care. We offer urgent, primary, and online care to our members who can access our technology platform, practice model, and provider network from anywhere and anytime to optimize their health. Email Me



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Crossover Health is undergoing a foundational shift in our business model, our care delivery approach, and the value we create for our member patients and employer clients. The transition began in March 2018, when we realized that being a medical staffing company operating clinics would only be at best a partial fulfillment of our underlying objective. In fact, quite ironically, we never set out to build nor operate clinics. Our passion from day one has been, and remains, our desire to be a transformational catalyst in creating a fundamentally different healthcare system.

Along our journey, we first created what we termed the “Experience Platform. Recognizing that “care delivery” was about so much more than just care delivery, we developed capabilities in areas like Brand Strategy, Facility Design, Health Management, Enabling Technology, and value-added Membership.

Each of these domains of expertise required significant investment, relearning fundamentals of another industry, multiple rounds of iteration and failure, people questioning our judgement, and others questioning why we would “in-source” capabilities when no one else in the industry does. Well, as we discussed previously, we believe that in order to deliver an exceptional experience, an organization has to be all in on “Full Stack Healthcare.” This isn’t so much a set of capabilities as it is a set of beliefs about what is required to fully deliver the right outcomes. And, to validate our point, these capabilities are not just bolt-on afterthoughts but atomic elements of how we think about the “platform” itself. The synergies across capabilities is where the magic of the Crossover experience truly lies.

While we are best known in the industry for the experience we consistently create and deliver, a great experience is not the end goal itself but rather a critical catalyst along a continuum of success. For us, a great member experience lends itself to much higher engagement, and we know objectively from our data that the more engaged a member is the more effective we are in achieving the outcomes we promise. We can literally show a 20-30% cost savings for those members who are highly engaged versus the community users who choose not to get any care from our health centers (even when risk adjusted by age, gender, condition AND when including our cost of operations). The data is compelling and should be compulsory for those seeking to control cost, quality, and experience. After all, data driving the decisions is exactly how it should be (I never want to be a good salesman; I just hope that our potential clients can do math!).

Ten years into our journey, we see how health care should be (more clearly than ever!). We are also more confident than ever about our unique model of primary care — essentially comprised of a broad primary health “team;” quarterbacked by a physician leader; each clinician practicing at the top of their license; operating within a comprehensive, coordinated, and capable care model; infused with proactive and predictive data sourced from a large and growing data repository; delivering a comprehensive range of relevant health care services; having the modern tools, technology, and communication approaches to reach out when needed, close care gaps that are outstanding, and ensure each member gets the most value from every interaction, and delivered in a world class membership experience personalized to each individual—as the means to solve the quadruple aim of cost, quality, member experience, and clinician engagement. The successes we have achieved to date have given us a glimpse of what is possible, and it inspires us to do the hard work each day to bring forward the future of care delivery.

But that future does not yet exist—so we must create it! And, the future we are creating can best be described as a Connected System of Health.

What our employer clients are asking for is to ensure that the same great care that they have come to love by virtue of our Experience Platform be available to their entire workforce scattered across the country. They have realized that they will not be able to “build” (with enough onsite or nearsite health centers) their way out of this access issue but rather they will have to embrace digital as a means to extend the care team, expand the time of current clinicians, and sponsor (pay for) a more proactive, effective model of primary care.

This Connected System of Health takes our onsites, nearsites, and now adds virtual to cover the lives throughout the country. It takes the great experience we deliver in person, and translates that to online and anytime care options that are equally compelling, equally valuable, and equally as impactful. It leverages connected data to assess employee population health risks, and proposes to evolve the blend of services for each employer that will prove most transformative for their populations. It also provides health navigation, care coordination, condition management, and flips the paradigm from transactional sick care to strategic health optimization. Omnichannel—being able to engage from anywhere, anytime—means we can be there for our members when and how they need us—in sickness and in health (sound familiar?). The Connected System of Health isn’t a new value proposition, it’s a new type of partnership regarding your most valuable (health) asset.

While this sounds quite aspirational, I believe it is essential to push for bold new alternatives to what has previously existed. Connected. Systematic. “Health” focused. Full Stack. All in.


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