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Scott Shreeve, MD

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I'm the CEO of Crossover Health, a patient-centered, membership-based medical group that is redesigning the practice, delivery, and experience of health care. We offer urgent, primary, and online care to our members who can access our technology platform, practice model, and provider network from anywhere and anytime to optimize their health. Email Me



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To help explain this concept, I am sharing an email sent to one of our clients to help understand how flexible a digital first, advanced primary care practice can be in meeting new and emerging needs.

Dear [ Client ],

I wanted to be sure that you had a good understanding of our approach to flexing our model to address the new realities introduced by the pandemic. The series of adjustments we have made enable us to create what we call Pandemic Primary Care (tons of cool stuff on social media from several of our leaders at XO). Effectively, in a setting of “shelter in place” mandates, campus shut downs, very limited testing, and growing infection / death rates, what is the role and value of primary care in general, and our unique primary care model in particular?

First, we need to think in terms of, what is the essential care framework in a pandemic?

Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 9.05.15 AM.png

Second, what are the most basic set of services, minimum number, and types of care team members required to deliver this new service concept?

Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 9.04.35 AM.png

Third, what are the new services that they need to offer that are relevant during the pandemic?

Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 9.05.21 AM.png

As I mentioned, the connectivity enabled by telemedicine is great BUT without an established relationship, means of communication, and emerging capabilities to partner with employers on testing, vaccinations, monitoring services, ensuring enough resources are maintained, etc., it is hard to truly be relevant or have an impact. Again, this is where the power of the Crossover care model—particularly when tied to a business model—can have a tremendous impact on the health outcomes of its members. Again, all of these concepts are detailed in several of my posts about this transition but should give you the flavor.

Fourth, the end result is that each member is surrounded by a designated care team that is responsible and accountable for their care, for guiding them to community resources, and to help them navigate and negotiate their own health. This is what we call Care Team Surround for our members.

Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 9.12.31 AM.png

Fifth, at some point we are going to be on the other side of this. You will want to have been partnered with a national medical group that can guide you through all the care delivery approaches, benefit redesign, vaccination/serological validation, supply management, etc. as part of a Connected System of Health that can be delivered for your entire population, everywhere in the country (sound familiar?). We see opportunity in the ability to support your benefit design/health programs, while also delivering the care in multiple channels. It is all being measured and reported back so we can iterate and improve. That is what we mean when we say we are surrounding the client as well.

Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 9.16.33 AM.png

Finally, “One Nation Under Health” has never been more true than it is today. Despite the chaos, there is a rarified opportunity to emerge into a new world order based on digital first, strategically in person, and fully capable to manage total cost of care. Can’t wait to bring this vision forward with you.

Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 9.17.56 AM.png


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