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Scott Shreeve, MD

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I'm the CEO of Crossover Health, a patient-centered, membership-based medical group that is redesigning the practice, delivery, and experience of health care. We offer urgent, primary, and online care to our members who can access our technology platform, practice model, and provider network from anywhere and anytime to optimize their health. Email Me



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Most employers make vendor related purchase decisions after a lengthy Request for Proposal (RFP) process. The RFP is a great revenue generator for consultants, provides a safe cover for decision makers, and seeks to “spreadsheet” all the competition. While perhaps increasing the efficiency of “side by side comparison”, it has the unintended consequence of stripping away the heart and soul of each offering into cold, disconnected parts that never really can be reassembled to give a full picture of capabilities. Because of this, Crossover has always chosen to include a personal and personalized letter written to each client. The goal of every letter, which I am personally and actively involved in crafting, is to let Crossover’s unique spirit of inevitability shine through. We also trust that these letters provide a little extra spark to light the fire of confidence in selecting Crossover as a long term partner charged with the sacred trust of caring for the employee members we are privileged to serve. We aren’t here for the quick win, we are here the long game. We aren’t here for transactional convenience, we are here for trusted relationships. We aren’t here because virtual is the dejour topic of the moment, we are here because your health is your most important asset that we safeguard. Always, forever, ad infinitum.

Dear [ Company ],

Crossover Health is pleased to submit our response to this RFP. Within the document, we have addressed the questions in your proposal at great length, but I would like to provide more context to our response with this personal note. 

[ Your Company ] provides a compelling environment to reconsider the delivery and the effectiveness of primary care. You are not only vested in helping your employees achieve their best health, but you are also at the center of a movement towards more responsive, better, and less costly care for your insured populations. We believe our approach to Primary Health not only expands the role of the medical group (through integrated care and care teams, comprehensive and data-driven care management of individuals and populations, and the omni-channel care delivery approach), but also begins to heal the fractures in the care landscape that are the result of divisive point solutions and outdated payment models. Crossover simplifies the delivery and experience of care while deepening Primary Health’s  impact on cost and quality.

When we started our medical group a decade ago, our focus was on developing a comprehensive model of advanced primary care that today we call Primary Health. The goal was to maximize access at our health centers and create deep member engagement to foster true health partnerships. Within this framework, we have been fortunate to work with some amazing clients and achieve remarkable results in both our onsite and shared nearsite health centers, reducing the overall costs of care significantly while providing a much richer member experience.

Who could have predicted the dramatic changes that have occurred in our country, in our society, and our health? Yet even with the upheaval, the imperative for comprehensive and managed Primary Health is as critical as ever. Primary Health creates trusted relationships, now enabled with simple to use technology, that allows each of our members to stay connected to their care team in person, online, and anytime. And, what a time to have your care team up this close and personal! 

Even before the necessity for virtual care brought about by the pandemic, we were evolving our Primary Health model to be virtual first, and strategically in person. Virtual care is not an afterthought we bolted onto our model, it is a deeply held belief on how care will change in the future that just so happened to arrive…now. Our Member technology eliminates the barriers between in-person and virtual care, rather than reinforcing their separation. For that to happen, we had to consciously decouple the channels of care delivery from the services, teams, and quality of care provided. For Crossover, care is care, whatever the medium. It’s all connected. And it has no boundaries.

You have provided requirements for several onsite facilities. However, we see something more. While the physical centers may serve as the tangible homes of great healthcare experiences, we see these as epicenters that can expand as far and as richly as your employees’ needs dictate. We can, indeed, “switch on” our Primary Health model almost overnight, even as the physical centers are being constructed. Our virtual first care model can effectively remove the walls both literally and figuratively, and immediately surround your entire national employee population while you strategically build health centers as needed. A clinic without walls, a care model without borders, and an opportunity not just for your own employees, but all dependents that touch the [ Company ] brand, ad infinitum. 

With nearly 50 facilities and counting, we certainly have the credentials to design, build, and operate your centers to the highest standards and industry benchmarks. However, we are not simply a medical group that provides convenient and accessible care through onsite, nearsite, and now primarily virtual care channels. Rather, we are a sophisticated population health service that manages the total spend for our clients. There are no point solutions available that can plunge the depths, cover the breadth, and engage your employees—while also reducing the complexity—like a medical group delivering Primary Health. We are at our best when we can bring together your entire workforce into a national, connected system of Primary Health—powered by data, enabled by our proprietary member technology, enriched by real relationships, integrated with your benefits, and most importantly, built on trust.

We’re all going to have to be more agile over the next few years. In partnership with [ Company ], we can ensure your employees’ health is grounded in great care, but flexible enough to embrace emerging needs, an unknown future, and asymmetric opportunities. And, in that future, we don’t see the physical center as the culmination of our efforts, rather a mere starting point for infinite possibilities.

Semper vincit veritas, 

Scott Shreeve, MD

Chief Executive Officer

Crossover Health

Ad Infinitum” artwork by Stacey Warnix

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